testing: 1,2,…18″


– testing my behind door prototype with a pencil attached to an arm marking the linear travel as the door is opened and closed. With the arm attached 9″ out perpendicularly from the door, the arm travels 18″. This is the distance the gear motor could travel along a gear rack (see the flash animation bellow).


From these tests, a basic 2:1 ratio began to emerge from the geometry of the linear travel, arm and perpendicular placement of the base of the arm, (bracket) from the plane of the door. Having paced the arm 3, 6 and 9 inches out from the door, the linear travel increased from 8, to 12 and then to 18″, or until the angle of the arm, hypotenuse of the triangle, in relation to the door became obtuse – such that it resisted the door opening well and linear glide and usability became strained. This was tested with 16, 12 and 8″ arms and the ratio remained consistent.  I am now looking at ways that this ratio can be pushed and create a lower profile arm and bracket with maximum travel.



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