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Testing, comparing and monitoring the feasibility of piezo, stepper and magnetic inductors for indoor energy harvesting. The whole system works! The energy harvesters are collecting, the xbee radios are sending storage values, Processing is retrieving the data and posting the values to a database, data is being graphed (both web and phone) via php, the […]

Our interactive jitter based video installation will be shown at the ITP winter show – Dec 16 and 17th. Having set it up twice now for the Live Image Processing show and the Video art show – i can soundly say that i am nervous. In both cases, and especially on the crowded 4th floor […]

I’m generally not one for inspirational quotes, but i came upon this again while waiting for the subway after the first snow of the season had already turned grey and yellow. “It is something to be able to be paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue and so to make a few objects […]