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Piezo’s, we have concluded, both MFC or ACI types, are the least effective forms with which to scavenge usable energy. I decided, rather then test only piezo’s in varying environments, to compare three different forms of harvesting in the same location. At the moment I have restricted the harvesting to the two sliding doors that […]

disPLACEment is an interactive video installation exploring and depicting how our unconscious daily actions affect events and lives elsewhere.  The participant becomes the window or vehicle, via live camera video tracking, through which actions from afar are revealed, thus focusing on the body and its fragility. The participant is left to question their role in […]

I’ve been interesting in energy harvesting for a few years and knew at the beginning of this semester that it was something i wanted to explore – little did i know how frustrating it would be. Solar seemed limiting and after much research I narrowed it down to either mems or piezo transducers. I latched […]