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For my final for sensor workshop, lead by Jamie Allen, i took on the task of documenting the QTI line sensor by parallax. Here’s a link to the report, where you can find sample code. Besides reporting on how the sensor works, we also had to demonstrate an application, and since this sensor can function […]



For this exercise in Sensor Workshop i decided to try the third option in the given data-logging methods: 1. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> Text 2. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> MySQL 3. Arduino -> Xport -> PHP -> MySQL Sending the byte value from the Arduino through the Lantronics XPort where it […]

Sensor and Time


This assignment was to visualize and or sonify a sensor’s reaction over time as an output through a built microcontroller system. This piece of code, written in Processing, receives the two analog output bytes from the arduino and creates a simple visual and auditory feedback as the values change based on the light levels on […]

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