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Im working with an open source library for Action Script and developing dynamic graphs via php to grab data from a mySQL data base and visualize them, re-freshing when new data is input. First attempt with data input from an Arduino stamp sensing from a potentiometer (stand in for a capacitor) and uploading to mySQL […]

story time


it went a little something like this: “there is an old story about Thomas Edison. Henry Ford was visiting Edison one day, and found it hard to push open the front gate at Edison’s yard. When Ford chided the world’s greatest inventor about his rusty gate, Edison replied Ford had just pumped a gallon of […]

I’ve just put together a php page that allows the user to quickly get an idea of what is happening real time as the inDoor Harvester prototype is operating. The left side has a table showing the data collected from a micro – controller attached to the harvester measuring the electricity storage in a capacitor […]

Energy Graph


The available ambient power is the energy produced by the generator as the door opens and closes. Basic testing on the prototype with a dc-gear head motor with a 10:1 gear box and a 1″ spur gear running 12″ along a rack produces approximately 2.5v @ 184mA charging a 1F 5.5v capacitor. The system power […]