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Step two towards my Networked objects final. I had written a little program in Processing to switch between two videos from incoming bytes from an Arduino, but Java just couldn’t handle the switching well enough – lag and sound sync problems. So I switched to Max/MSP/Jitter for the video handling which works great. The serial […]

This is a working prototype i am working on for Computational Cameras. It uses color video tracking written in Java to follow an object in space and draw its trajectory as an invisible line on the screen, thereby erasing an image and revealing the live video feed behind it. Once that images completely erased, the […]

I found these amazing add-on’s for the XBox that contain a 6″ LCD and speakers with all the ins and outs u need built-in, (RCA, s-video, 2x 1/8″headphone & more), made by Intec, for $29 a piece. This is around the same price as a raw graphic LCD display alone from a surplus store that […]

Some Ideas: 1. Hacking 5 portable dvd players and mounting them on a wall or walls, unless a better solution is found to display video. the lcd’s are removed from their plastic housing and mounted to an opening of a cast body part – limb. Been working with limbs b/c amputees are the most common […]

This is the beginning documentation of an idea that I’m working on hopefully towards a final project in conjunction with networked objects and a handful of zigbee radios, hopefully. This is using video tracking to follow a person in space and draw their trajectory as lines across the screen – the line getting thicker when […]