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The inDOOR Energy Harvetser debuted to the public at the ITP spring show at NYU during this 2 day event.  It worked well to some great user responses and interest.  All of its use was data-logged and graphed on the web site.  People got to see their use of the door light up the exit […]

I built a door, frame and wall today and attached the new prototype to it in its stainless housing for user testing. It now powers its own circuitry as well as a low power exit sign i made. Its web presence/monitor now lives here – Here are a few images – more to come […]

I spent the evening with a good friend of mine, Matthew Flego an industrial designer, at his metal fabrication shop, Ferra Design in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He and I plotted out the design for a 12 gauge stainless steal housing for the inDOOR Harvester module in Solid Works, a 3d object CAD application. The […]

A glimpse at the revised version of the online dashboard monitor for the energy harvesting module. It been a big javascript learning curve this past week, but well worth it. Many more features and improvement still to come, as well as further data integration. check it out – let me know what you think.

I’ve spent the last two week testing and researching linear motion guides, blocks and rails, to carry the gear motor along the door and across a rack. Due to exploding bearings and bent rails, McMaster-Carr has both saved my thesis and made a nice chunk of change. A far more effective and elegant system from […]

Im working with an open source library for Action Script and developing dynamic graphs via php to grab data from a mySQL data base and visualize them, re-freshing when new data is input. First attempt with data input from an Arduino stamp sensing from a potentiometer (stand in for a capacitor) and uploading to mySQL […]

I’ve just put together a php page that allows the user to quickly get an idea of what is happening real time as the inDoor Harvester prototype is operating. The left side has a table showing the data collected from a micro – controller attached to the harvester measuring the electricity storage in a capacitor […]