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It has been too long since my last post, but many exciting things have happened since – most of which is in collaboration with GRouND LAB. To follow-up on the  topic of energy conversion and storage from human-powered kinetic sources I have rebuilt a new prototype for the inDoor Energy Harvester that has proven thus […]

I have been doing prototyping for a sustainable energy start up in Brooklyn, SMIT – sustainable minded interactive technology, for the past two years. I have been working mostly on data-logging and visualization for their solar/wind hybrid system from a sensor network that graphs both energy stored over time with wind speed, temperature and light […]

The inDOOR Harvester was installed on a door leading from the stair well to the main lobby of the ITP program on the fourth floor of the Tisch Building at NYU in May and has been running since.  I had to change how often it uploaded to the dataBase as my php script would crash […]



here is a link to a 15 min quicktime video from the presentation i gave to the Interactive Telecommunication Program(ITP) at NYU. Everything you wanted to know about energy harvesting from the things that people do everyday and my efforts to prototype this system and how it works. – it may take a little while […]

I spent the evening with a good friend of mine, Matthew Flego an industrial designer, at his metal fabrication shop, Ferra Design in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He and I plotted out the design for a 12 gauge stainless steal housing for the inDOOR Harvester module in Solid Works, a 3d object CAD application. The […]

story time


it went a little something like this: “there is an old story about Thomas Edison. Henry Ford was visiting Edison one day, and found it hard to push open the front gate at Edison’s yard. When Ford chided the world’s greatest inventor about his rusty gate, Edison replied Ford had just pumped a gallon of […]