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It has been too long since my last post, but many exciting things have happened since – most of which is in collaboration with GRouND LAB. To follow-up on theĀ  topic of energy conversion and storage from human-powered kinetic sources I have rebuilt a new prototype for the inDoor Energy Harvester that has proven thus […]

A glimpse at the revised version of the online dashboard monitor for the energy harvesting module. It been a big javascript learning curve this past week, but well worth it. Many more features and improvement still to come, as well as further data integration. check it out – let me know what you think.

I’ve spent the last two week testing and researching linear motion guides, blocks and rails, to carry the gear motor along the door and across a rack. Due to exploding bearings and bent rails, McMaster-Carr has both saved my thesis and made a nice chunk of change. A far more effective and elegant system from […]

Designing for Constraints simple and accurate: the clock should be easy the access and give the time as quickly and as accuratly as possible, 1. thus a voice activated clock that responds with voice as well. If the clock needs to be read by touch or pressed, the user is required to find the clock […]

Testing, comparing and monitoring the feasibility of piezo, stepper and magnetic inductors for indoor energy harvesting. The whole system works! The energy harvesters are collecting, the xbee radios are sending storage values, Processing is retrieving the data and posting the values to a database, data is being graphed (both web and phone) via php, the […]

Piezo’s, we have concluded, both MFC or ACI types, are the least effective forms with which to scavenge usable energy. I decided, rather then test only piezo’s in varying environments, to compare three different forms of harvesting in the same location. At the moment I have restricted the harvesting to the two sliding doors that […]

I’ve been interesting in energy harvesting for a few years and knew at the beginning of this semester that it was something i wanted to explore – little did i know how frustrating it would be. Solar seemed limiting and after much research I narrowed it down to either mems or piezo transducers. I latched […]