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here’s a little exercise i did integrating php with a mySQL database. I chose something helpful to the community at ITP – a user generated list of electronic part suppliers. The user can vote for their favorite as well as add something thats not already listed. I hope to expand this to add more detailed […]

I built the first rough mock up of the door electricity harvester yesterday to start testing potential output and mechanical issues – and yes, there are some issues to work out.  first, the motor needs to be mounted far more securely. Second, the pinion needs to be smaller to provide more revolutions, and the slide […]

– testing my behind door prototype with a pencil attached to an arm marking the linear travel as the door is opened and closed. With the arm attached 9″ out perpendicularly from the door, the arm travels 18″. This is the distance the gear motor could travel along a gear rack (see the flash animation […]

this gives a general idea of what is involved, yummy… a few problems here: 1. conversions and equations: E=1/2MV2 relates to work done on an object linearly through space, where M=mass and V=velocity, without friction/resistance. What I need to look at is rotational kinetic energy, Er=1/2Iw2, where I=moment of inertia and w=angular velocity. 2. efficiency […]

here is a quick flash animation describing the first of my door harvesting mechanisms. The swf will be updated as i go along to show detailed shots as well as the circuit. Parts are in the mail right now to start building and testing the actual prototype. more later.

Thesis Proposal


inDOOR Energy Harvesting What if you could harvest electricity from the things that you do everyday? Imagine the lobby of a public building and what you and others do everyday moving in and out of it. I propose a universal add-on to traditional hinged doors that convert kinetic energy into usable electricity. While energy is […]

From now on – most of my thesis documentation will be posted here: or just go to the links column on the right.