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Testing, comparing and monitoring the feasibility of piezo, stepper and magnetic inductors for indoor energy harvesting. The whole system works! The energy harvesters are collecting, the xbee radios are sending storage values, Processing is retrieving the data and posting the values to a database, data is being graphed (both web and phone) via php, the […]

I’ve been interesting in energy harvesting for a few years and knew at the beginning of this semester that it was something i wanted to explore – little did i know how frustrating it would be. Solar seemed limiting and after much research I narrowed it down to either mems or piezo transducers. I latched […]

Coordination Project: using a simple public data feed that broadcasts cyclical and sequential timing information, at the rate of 120bpm, over the floor from an xbee zig-bee radio that Rob Faludi set up, our groups had to coordinate actions based off of this information. Rory, Benny, Eric and I built four wearable boards, each containing […]

Our assignment was to build an automated version of the ever popular game: rock, paper, scissors.  Rory and I sat down and built two xbee radios connected to two arduino stamps and coded a hand shake protocol for communication between the two.  It took us about two hours to workout before we uploaded to the […]

First simple demonstration of radio communication – Glow That LED: Set up a two-way wireless LED glower, using XBee radios as the communications link.  Here turning the pot on one micro-controller has the values sent to the other and has an LED turn on and adjust its brightness as well as vise versa.  I prefer […]