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It has been too long since my last post, but many exciting things have happened since – most of which is in collaboration with GRouND LAB. To follow-up on the  topic of energy conversion and storage from human-powered kinetic sources I have rebuilt a new prototype for the inDoor Energy Harvester that has proven thus […]

I’ve spent the last two week testing and researching linear motion guides, blocks and rails, to carry the gear motor along the door and across a rack. Due to exploding bearings and bent rails, McMaster-Carr has both saved my thesis and made a nice chunk of change. A far more effective and elegant system from […]

I’ve just put together a php page that allows the user to quickly get an idea of what is happening real time as the inDoor Harvester prototype is operating. The left side has a table showing the data collected from a micro – controller attached to the harvester measuring the electricity storage in a capacitor […]

Energy Graph


The available ambient power is the energy produced by the generator as the door opens and closes. Basic testing on the prototype with a dc-gear head motor with a 10:1 gear box and a 1″ spur gear running 12″ along a rack produces approximately 2.5v @ 184mA charging a 1F 5.5v capacitor. The system power […]

I built the first rough mock up of the door electricity harvester yesterday to start testing potential output and mechanical issues – and yes, there are some issues to work out.  first, the motor needs to be mounted far more securely. Second, the pinion needs to be smaller to provide more revolutions, and the slide […]

this gives a general idea of what is involved, yummy… a few problems here: 1. conversions and equations: E=1/2MV2 relates to work done on an object linearly through space, where M=mass and V=velocity, without friction/resistance. What I need to look at is rotational kinetic energy, Er=1/2Iw2, where I=moment of inertia and w=angular velocity. 2. efficiency […]