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Our interactive jitter based video installation will be shown at the ITP winter show – Dec 16 and 17th. Having set it up twice now for the Live Image Processing show and the Video art show – i can soundly say that i am nervous. In both cases, and especially on the crowded 4th floor […]

disPLACEment is an interactive video installation exploring and depicting how our unconscious daily actions affect events and lives elsewhere.  The participant becomes the window or vehicle, via live camera video tracking, through which actions from afar are revealed, thus focusing on the body and its fragility. The participant is left to question their role in […]

This patch simulates a physical systems that exhibits exponential decay or half life as numbers generated decay towards zero. Utilizing the open gl portion of jitter, i have a sphere rendered in a window as a drawing primitive whose polygons are multiplied by the exponential decay function. I also have a movie playing on the […]

Ana Gutierrez and I are collaborating to create a Max/MSP/Jitter final installation. We are interested in combining body movements and violence to show how vulnerable the body is and at the same time how violence is in our nature. We want to explore how to make the viewer interact with the aesthetic of the body […]

Coordination Project: using a simple public data feed that broadcasts cyclical and sequential timing information, at the rate of 120bpm, over the floor from an xbee zig-bee radio that Rob Faludi set up, our groups had to coordinate actions based off of this information. Rory, Benny, Eric and I built four wearable boards, each containing […]

This patch is a keyboard interface for controlling video in jitter by adding and manipulating effects in real time by moving the mouse around the screen. Selecting one of 5 keys on the keyboard selects different filters and effects. see the short movie for an example of the controller.

This class is focused on working with Jitter and manipulating sound and video. Here are two simple screen captures that show a live video in which strips of two simultaneous videos are overlaid and play out on one screen to a rhythm that beats in 3 and 4 set by a counter. New strips of […]