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A glimpse at the revised version of the online dashboard monitor for the energy harvesting module. It been a big javascript learning curve this past week, but well worth it. Many more features and improvement still to come, as well as further data integration. check it out – let me know what you think. Advertisements

First simple demonstration of radio communication – Glow That LED: Set up a two-way wireless LED glower, using XBee radios as the communications link.  Here turning the pot on one micro-controller has the values sent to the other and has an LED turn on and adjust its brightness as well as vise versa.  I prefer […]

  Description Ignoratio Elenchi is a physical interactive video content driver. The installation creates a space in which the viewer is faced with having meaningful information, via video footage of the war, hidden from them. Through proximity sensors mounted on each screen to find when a user is in front of any one of five […]

Click the link to open a quicktime movie from a power point slide presentation that ive been giving as background to the project.   You might have to press pause a few times to read everything.

This past week was spent installing my project in the front space of the ITP floor. Rob Ryan has been super generous and gave me all the resources i needed to set up this project, test it and revise it. After speaking to him last week and explaining the project, he didn’t hesitate to find […]

As of midnight last night, everything is working again. The last major hurled was getting rid of the micro-controller and working with the chips on the Xbee radios to send and receive data. One master transmitter receives byte values from a video tracking algorithm using the jmyron library in Processing, which blankets out the data […]

Step two towards my Networked objects final. I had written a little program in Processing to switch between two videos from incoming bytes from an Arduino, but Java just couldn’t handle the switching well enough – lag and sound sync problems. So I switched to Max/MSP/Jitter for the video handling which works great. The serial […]