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For my final for sensor workshop, lead by Jamie Allen, i took on the task of documenting the QTI line sensor by parallax. Here’s a link to the report, where you can find sample code. Besides reporting on how the sensor works, we also had to demonstrate an application, and since this sensor can function […]

Summer plans


I will be spending the summer in Maine (paradise), working at Skowhegan, an artist residency program, as the sculpture tech, running their shop, assisting the participants with their projects, giving demos, working in my studio and relaxing by the lake.

Click the link to open a quicktime movie from a power point slide presentation that ive been giving as background to the project.   You might have to press pause a few times to read everything.

This past week was spent installing my project in the front space of the ITP floor. Rob Ryan has been super generous and gave me all the resources i needed to set up this project, test it and revise it. After speaking to him last week and explaining the project, he didn’t hesitate to find […]

Thursday night was the opening of Things Fall Apart at Rush Arts Gallery, NYC, in which I had an installation, titled, Six Views of One.  They are six black cut-out figures of myself, 5 on the wall looking at one on the floor. There was an amazing turn out, a lot of great people and […]

As of midnight last night, everything is working again. The last major hurled was getting rid of the micro-controller and working with the chips on the Xbee radios to send and receive data. One master transmitter receives byte values from a video tracking algorithm using the jmyron library in Processing, which blankets out the data […]