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VASC – video and audio spatial control Goal: To create a video-tracking tool for real-time video and audio manipulation. I would like to continue exploring the realm of external computer control using plugged in sensors via a micro-controller and video cams. Taking off from my mid-term and homework projects since, I would like to use […]

I am creating an auditory feedback device for heart rate monitoring. Using a heart rate sensor as an input into a microprocessor (might need an op-amp to boost signal), the values will be translated into two slightly offset sine wave frequencies as well as two pulsing (PWM’d) LED’s. The higher the values, thus faster rate, […]

Midi is fun …. once you get it going. A lot was un-said about getting this up and recognizing each other, board and computer, such as downloading drivers. Luckily we are all friendly helpful people in the lab. So once i got the lab assignment working it was time to improvise and make some sounds. […]

As you can see, not much is happening. I’ve been able to power up the lcd, have it blink and display text, and even have that text blink, but not much else. Now I’m at the next hurdle of how to go beyond text and character display. So i’m looking for a cheap monotone graphic […]