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This patch simulates a physical systems that exhibits exponential decay or half life as numbers generated decay towards zero. Utilizing the open gl portion of jitter, i have a sphere rendered in a window as a drawing primitive whose polygons are multiplied by the exponential decay function. I also have a movie playing on the […]

Jung-Eun, Sandra, Greg and myself designed a reusable, recyclable envelope for our product service system assignment for sustainable practices. Titled the GreEnvelope, made from Tyvek, a DuPont polymer analogous to paper except much more durable, tear resistant and a vapor barrier, it was designed to close with a plastic zip and lock with zip tie. […]

Ana Gutierrez and I are collaborating to create a Max/MSP/Jitter final installation. We are interested in combining body movements and violence to show how vulnerable the body is and at the same time how violence is in our nature. We want to explore how to make the viewer interact with the aesthetic of the body […]

Coordination Project: using a simple public data feed that broadcasts cyclical and sequential timing information, at the rate of 120bpm, over the floor from an xbee zig-bee radio that Rob Faludi set up, our groups had to coordinate actions based off of this information. Rory, Benny, Eric and I built four wearable boards, each containing […]

This patch is a keyboard interface for controlling video in jitter by adding and manipulating effects in real time by moving the mouse around the screen. Selecting one of 5 keys on the keyboard selects different filters and effects. see the short movie for an example of the controller.

I just completed the initial version of my mid-term project for redial: Interactive Telephony. It is an a News aggregator for your phone. Anyone can now call the ITP asterisk server and have the current international news, U.S. financial market news and sports headlines read to them over the phone, 212.796.0729 ex 226. I’m still […]

Thought this was a great little article by Clay that speaks to a few seemingly self evident truths about design that when put well are nice reminders.