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VASC has turned out to be more than I had expected. It is a controller for video and sound/music through movement in space via video tracking, but the incorporation of the video existing and moving in three dimensional space was an added fun bonus. There are three sets of sounds: the first sounds produced are […]

here is a random screen shot of my ICM final: small quick-time operated by video tracking a person or part there of moving in space. the wave form shown on the screen corespond to the sounds produced based on the location in the field, thus lower sounds produce waveform near the bottom of the screen, […]

VASC – video and audio spatial control Goal: To create a video-tracking tool for real-time video and audio manipulation. I would like to continue exploring the realm of external computer control using plugged in sensors via a micro-controller and video cams. Taking off from my mid-term and homework projects since, I would like to use […]