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disPLACEment is an interactive video installation exploring and depicting how our unconscious daily actions affect events and lives elsewhere.  The participant becomes the window or vehicle, via live camera video tracking, through which actions from afar are revealed, thus focusing on the body and its fragility. The participant is left to question their role in […]

Ana Gutierrez and I are collaborating to create a Max/MSP/Jitter final installation. We are interested in combining body movements and violence to show how vulnerable the body is and at the same time how violence is in our nature. We want to explore how to make the viewer interact with the aesthetic of the body […]

I’ve re-built Ignoratio Elenchi with a new look, upgraded sensors and much reworking of the Jitter patch. Then doing a project like this outside of school makes you realize quickly how lucky you are to work with the resources of an institution, ie, thank you to all my friends who’ve lend me their computers for […]

Been working on a project with Benedetta for an exhibit in Rome, Italy, October 5 – 13th. We proposed re-appropriating a classic piece of Italian design that dates back to roman times – the sewer grate. The architectural elements are a ubiquitous iconic symbol of Rome that are usually stuffed with garbage and thus dont […]

My summer in Maine, as good times tend to do, flew by. I’m back in Brooklyn now faced with a lot of work to finish and an amazing group of friends to keep up with. I’m going to be in the studio as much as i can as well as take on two freelance jobs […]