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Been working on a project with Benedetta for an exhibit in Rome, Italy, October 5 – 13th. We proposed re-appropriating a classic piece of Italian design that dates back to roman times – the sewer grate. The architectural elements are a ubiquitous iconic symbol of Rome that are usually stuffed with garbage and thus dont […]

First simple demonstration of radio communication – Glow That LED: Set up a two-way wireless LED glower, using XBee radios as the communications link.  Here turning the pot on one micro-controller has the values sent to the other and has an LED turn on and adjust its brightness as well as vise versa.  I prefer […]

My first working Asterisk dial-plan with a voice mail option and an email confirmation currently on the itp asterisk server. the emailed confirmation sent to my gmail account: name of myfile.conf – duration of the message number of recorded messages my extension number caller id date and time and the most recent recorded message as […]

My ecological footprint – hmmmm… very effective. Like a slap in the face from a friend who stops you from walking into traffic while day dreaming. The quiz is simple enough and visually impact full that their point is communicated very well. I was curious as to how each are calculated and or weighted and […]