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For this exercise in Sensor Workshop i decided to try the third option in the given data-logging methods: 1. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> Text 2. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> MySQL 3. Arduino -> Xport -> PHP -> MySQL Sending the byte value from the Arduino through the Lantronics XPort where it […]

Networked PONG


Working with the Lantronix X-Port and mini Arduino micro-controller, we had to create our own “pong paddle” that would be networked to a server via Ethernet for a pong tornament. The code, as described here (text file), sends out an IP address to connect to the server, where your paddle shows up on the screen […]

Ruth, Guy and I were put together to redesign the common bedside alarm clock for networked objects. After much discussion, we came to the consensus that the object needed to remain warm and aesthetically beautiful for people to want to live with it next to their beds. The interface also need to be really simple, […]

Sensor and Time


This assignment was to visualize and or sonify a sensor’s reaction over time as an output through a built microcontroller system. This piece of code, written in Processing, receives the two analog output bytes from the arduino and creates a simple visual and auditory feedback as the values change based on the light levels on […]

X-PORT set up


Setting up the Lantronics X-Port was not as bad as it had seemed.  The soldering and wiring took maybe 15 min, while the configuration took another 10, but it was getting the xport to spit out its info into terminal that filled in the rest of the hour.  Maybe its just coordination, like juggling while […]