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Now includes an overlayed base-rate and a Max Patch component. Press the button on the front to start the base rate/ resting rate sound and LEDs to know how far from rest your pulse is – press it again to raise the rate and work to match it: goal rate. This can be raise three […]

After much testing and frustration, from hacking a Polar sport wireless heart rate monitor to a Tanita health monitor, i’ve come back to DIY . Hacking can be more pain than its worth. So I’ve strung together an IR emitter/detector with two resistors with a little help from my friends at these are attached […]

I am creating an auditory feedback device for heart rate monitoring. Using a heart rate sensor as an input into a microprocessor (might need an op-amp to boost signal), the values will be translated into two slightly offset sine wave frequencies as well as two pulsing (PWM’d) LED’s. The higher the values, thus faster rate, […]