A housing in the works


I spent the evening with a good friend of mine, Matthew Flego an industrial designer, at his metal fabrication shop, Ferra Design in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He and I plotted out the design for a 12 gauge stainless steal housing for the inDOOR Harvester module in Solid Works, a 3d object CAD application.

The file was exported to a water jet cutter, an amazing automated machine that uses water and ground garnet as an abrasive to cut through any material up to the 1000th of an inch. It perfectly cut the shapes with their , tabs, holes and score-lines for the brake to bend.

Next, I hand tapped all of the holes with 10/32 thread and then took it to the brake to form the sheets into the actual housing. Using up to 20 tons of pressure, the steal became paper like as it bent and curved under the jaws of the brake.

Matt & brake at Ferra in Brooklyn

the parts were then tig welded together, ground and surface treated.

tig welding

welding 2

then attaching the slide, generator and gear rack to match the prototype.

more images to post soon as it nears completion…


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