inDOOR Harvester prototype 1.1


I’ve spent the last two week testing and researching linear motion guides, blocks and rails, to carry the gear motor along the door and across a rack. Due to exploding bearings and bent rails, McMaster-Carr has both saved my thesis and made a nice chunk of change. A far more effective and elegant system from the last version: a steel bracket on the wall side with a rotating clevis end holding a 1/4″ rod connects to the motor mount with another clevis rod end piece. I’ve also found a type 304 stainless steel side-mount ball bearing guide block and rail that’s able to with stand the pressure the arm exerts as it pushes/pulls the motor attached to the guide block as the door opens and closes (load capacity of 197lds). It also keeps constant pressure on the pinion gear against the rack. The gear has also been reduced to 1/2″, thus providing slightly more rotations within the motor/generator -> slightly more power out, thereby slightly more resistance to move it.


The circuitry seen on the left if a simple AC input from generator to a bridge rectifier that outputs DC to a 1F 5.5v storage capacitor. I also have a switch and LED to drain the cap for testing. On the breadboard is the testing and data logging circuit with an Arduino stamp connected to the capacitor. It sends out an HTTP requests through a Lantronix Ethernet port that calls a php script to insert the values into a mySQL database. On the back of the door I have installed a switch that the mico-controller uses to count the number of times the door opens.


next: looking into a light weight housing for the module for easy install and easy to look at.


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