dynamic graphing with Flash


Im working with an open source library for Action Script and developing dynamic graphs via php to grab data from a mySQL data base and visualize them, re-freshing when new data is input. First attempt with data input from an Arduino stamp sensing from a potentiometer (stand in for a capacitor) and uploading to mySQL via an XPort HTTP request – shown here. Mouse over the intersections – circles for a data window. This will be greatly expanded in the next few weeks – stay tuned.

here is the 5th version – a dash board monitor for the harvester.  this too will evolve.


3 Responses to “dynamic graphing with Flash”

  1. This is the greatest example of graphing in flash that have come across!
    I am just learning, and so I thought that I would search for examples about graphing in flash(feed through xml),and I found this, WOW! very inspiring:)


  2. 2 eliud rojas


    Could you send to me your source code, because i want to write a dynamic application, but your examples gave me an error


  3. the site is back up again please see : http://www.indoorharvesting.com and go to the live monitor tab.

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