user feedback: information and motivation


I’ve just put together a php page that allows the user to quickly get an idea of what is happening real time as the inDoor Harvester prototype is operating. The left side has a table showing the data collected from a micro – controller attached to the harvester measuring the electricity storage in a capacitor (battery icon) as SI units of Joules. The Arduino stamp micro-controller is connected to the internet via a Lantronix Xport Ethernet port, which it uses to call a php script and pass it the values through the url. The script inserts the values into a mySQL database, provides it an id and a time stamp. The user can choose to sort the data by id, joule values (high to low) and by the date/time it was recorded.

On the right side is a Flash animation showing graphically what is happening. Programed with actionScript 2.0, the animation calls a third php script that grabs the last value posted every 10 seconds. The script controls two movie clips and two dynamic text fields to represent the electricity stored over time, battery level, as well as the amount produced the last time the door was opened and closed, light bulb icon. If the value has not changed, and it may not since the prototype is not installed yet and not constantly running, it will show the same thing over and over.

This is a work in progress and will change as the left and right side get their own pages and expand to include user log-in and multiple graphical representations of the data with resolution control.



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