Energy Graph



The available ambient power is the energy produced by the generator as the door opens and closes. Basic testing on the prototype with a dc-gear head motor with a 10:1 gear box and a 1″ spur gear running 12″ along a rack produces approximately 2.5v @ 184mA charging a 1F 5.5v capacitor.

The system power usage is the load on the circuit, which in this prototype is a small LED display pulling 3.3v.

The stored energy is the electrons stored with in a capacitor. The stored energy goes up as the generator is rotated from the door opening and closing. As the door remains either open or closed, the energy in the capacitor is slowly drawn and thus the amount lowers. Therefore, if the door is not moved over an extended period of time the energy stored will eventually be depleted, thus a voltage trigger is crucial.


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