Mesh Network: metronome + finder + music


Coordination Project: using a simple public data feed that broadcasts cyclical and sequential timing information, at the rate of 120bpm, over the floor from an xbee zig-bee radio that Rob Faludi set up, our groups had to coordinate actions based off of this information. Rory, Benny, Eric and I built four wearable boards, each containing an xbee radio, an arduino stamp, a voltage regulator with decoupling capacitors, running off of a 3.7v cell battery, as well as a receiving base station connected to max/msp. The four small boards broadcast their identifying byte value to the base station that listens and keeps track of who is currently present. As each person is detected as being in range of the base station, their presence is displayed by their corresponding LED lighting up on the board as well as a set of MIDI chords being played from the Max patch. As each successive person is detected by the base station, the opening synthesizer line from Van Halen’s “Jump” is revealed.  The music as well as the presence data are timed off of the metronome feed.



Base station code

Node broadcasting code

the Max patch


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