Sustainable Practices at ITP


My ecological footprint – hmmmm… very effective. Like a slap in the face from a friend who stops you from walking into traffic while day dreaming. The quiz is simple enough and visually impact full that their point is communicated very well. I was curious as to how each are calculated and or weighted and thus started playing around with the different variables – the image bellow is from my first, objective quiz. Changing my mode of transport did not change the numbers drastically, though the number of hours flying did a bit, and my housing situation did not change that much either based on location, but weather I ate meat or not had a huge affect on the acreage required to sustain me, which make a lot of sense. I would love to have each category serve as a link as well explaining the backstory – why each was rated as they are. But the three symbols of the earth – ouch – great design!


I produce an estimated 6.03 tons of carbon a year – or 6.03 tons are required to sustain my life style per year according to Here again, I can’t do much with where i live or what kind of place i live in, but air travel adds a lot. Though I’m sure that there are many other factors that should go into CO2 emissions, such as manufacturing of consumer items and waste disposal. There goes my next vacation – how about cycling to Canada – its supposed to be great in December.



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  1. maybe a link to the site you visited to calculate your footprint?

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