New Sculpture – in progress


My summer in Maine, as good times tend to do, flew by. I’m back in Brooklyn now faced with a lot of work to finish and an amazing group of friends to keep up with. I’m going to be in the studio as much as i can as well as take on two freelance jobs before the semester begins again.

Here’s an image of the sculpture im working on at the moment – in progress. This was taken three weeks ago when i first assembled the whole piece and saw it for the first time as an object. The figures are cast in fiberglass and are just primed and sanded. The architectural structure that they are supporting is welded steel with a bit of wood and plexi. i also did a series of drawings that im hoping to add to my portfolio site when i find time.


So much more to share and so little time…


One Response to “New Sculpture – in progress”

  1. nice piece! very interesting use of materials too. what are you thinking about for this piece? i always enjoy seeing other sculptors work. darin

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