Java Video Tracking and bringing it back to the Here and Now


This is a working prototype i am working on for Computational Cameras. It uses color video tracking written in Java to follow an object in space and draw its trajectory as an invisible line on the screen, thereby erasing an image and revealing the live video feed behind it. Once that images completely erased, the user can press the keyboard letter “r” and reset the image and bring up a new one. Right now it cycles through 5 images. The stoke (width) of the line changes as well based upon the Z-axis of the object being tracked as an object’s size changes based on how far from the camera it is, thus giving variation to the line drawing. The concept I am attempting to convey is the tendency of one to forget that there are injustices/atrocities/something wrong in the world that one sees via media/news/newspapers and then forget as one has to navigate the routine of their day and other mundane tasks. The images brought up are recently taken from Iraq, most of which are from the bombed out Baghdad University, thus trying to draw a parallel to our situation at NYU.

The Screen shots bellow were taken while working at home in Brooklyn, though i would really like to have these setup on the floor at Tisch as well as find better more relevant images, either taken from a live source or from one that is updated daily.


The burned library at Baghdad University library.


recent bomb blast in Baghdad.


here is a link to a text page with the working java code


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