The Begining of a Final


I found these amazing add-on’s for the XBox that contain a 6″ LCD and speakers with all the ins and outs u need built-in, (RCA, s-video, 2x 1/8″headphone & more), made by Intec, for $29 a piece. This is around the same price as a raw graphic LCD display alone from a surplus store that would have to be configured and built out, while a regular external video LCD and or portable DVD player start at $70 – 90. So i bought two to test, hack, and play with for a prototype.


before, minus the xbox.


after, minus the plastic.

For the prototype, i plan to have this connected to a mac via s-video and controlled by Processing with inputs from an Arduino. I have some simple code already in processing and am just looking for a mini-dvi to s-video adapter. I’m also looking into controlling screen size and resolution in Processing for the LCD – ein Schritt nach dem andern.


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