NetWorked FinalThoughts


Some Ideas:

1. Hacking 5 portable dvd players and mounting them on a wall or walls, unless a better solution is found to display video. the lcd’s are removed from their plastic housing and mounted to an opening of a cast body part – limb. Been working with limbs b/c amputees are the most common casualties of war. or just box, no limb – tbd. Each would contain a different dvd with two tracks, from which an arduino can select via a relay to the forward/back switch, as well as a ir/sonar sensor or video tracking. Video playing when no presence detected would be of horrific scenes of this current war(fill in). When threshold is detected based upon distance of a person in front of an lcd, video changes to peaceful warm scenes of people frolicking, happy, receiving food, building schools and missionaries, thus, a statement on propaganda and perceived versus real events that plague a nations identity(expand). If done through video tracking, a central station with the webcam and laptop would transmit data to the arduinos and players to switch or not via zigbee xbee radio. Im working on the tracking system now in Comp Cam class.

2.  Have the players mounted in an arc formation.  When the viewer enters the place, the players new him play the “puff” video, while the ones outside of his vision play the “real” footage.  As the person moves moves around the space, the videos change in an attempt to hide the reality.  Instead of the dvd players, I could use something like max/msp/jitter or Processing to switch the video, however, I am then tied to a computer, mac mini, and screen rather than an nondescript object.  It is important that the lcd screens be small to pull the viewer in and thus capture their distance from the sensors.

3. Taking off from the ideas above, if i could integrate cameras into each lcd, keeping them as hidden as possible, so that when a viewer arrives at a screen, their image, as a passive onlooker, is broadcast to the other players (or one other) while they watch the video described above. For this scenario, the players would have to be placed further apart, around the floor, removed from each other, so that it is not immediately obvious that their image is being broadcast. Can an xbee broadcast that much data, even for a short time, and have it transmit complete? Who transmits where would have to be predetermined or set up through an algorithm so that its not always the same combination – maybe through a for loop that counts through the addresses. Thus, cause and effect, one user changes the interactions of the others. I have been looking at the AVRcams by JRobot for this – see bellow.



cheapest small dvd player and lcd i can find as yet.


These have a build in Atmega 8 micro-controller, but i think i might be able to tie a cmos cam into an arduino to send out the signal, even if its just B&W.





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