Computational Cameras


This is the beginning documentation of an idea that I’m working on hopefully towards a final project in conjunction with networked objects and a handful of zigbee radios, hopefully. This is using video tracking to follow a person in space and draw their trajectory as lines across the screen – the line getting thicker when closer to the camera and thicker the further away the object being tracked gets. The x, y and z coordinates are saved and printed out the panel. picture-1.png


Here u can see the light being tracked by the i sight as shown by the square, thus, as i moved it the blue lines appeared to show the history of the movement, thicker and thinner, stroke varying based upon the width of the square == Z, distance from camera (this was just a test).

The original idea was to take these coordinates and enter them into a program to be rapid prototyped into an exact physical representation of that persons history in space, thus drawing(2D) —> object(3D). Thought it would be cool to hold your history, movement in time, in the palm of your hand.

But then, other ideas crept in, like placing a live webcam feed from either South Africa, maybe downtown Johannesburg, or an image gitmo prison and have the viewers movement draw over it with live feed from the here and now, thus erasing past, or issue we ignore, and bringing it to present. So im working on that by playing with alpha channels/opacity in Java and multiple buffered images. See how it goes… till then…


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