For this exercise in Sensor Workshop i decided to try the third option in the given data-logging methods:
1. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> Text
2. Arduino -> Processing -> PHP -> MySQL
3. Arduino -> Xport -> PHP -> MySQL
Sending the byte value from the Arduino through the Lantronics XPortxport-data.jpg

where it calls upon a php script to write the incoming values and time stamp into a mySQL table on the itp server. Through much trial and error due o lack of experience with mySQL and php, i managed to get this. But half way though, and in the midst of WTF!!!, i did the first option – just in case. Here’s a screen shot of the data stored from a potentiometer.


I had worked with the XPort before, though not in conjunction with php and mySQL. The starting point in the code was taken from here.

My first mySQL setup, ever:


Ardunio was calling the server and waiting for it to respond, waiting for an ASCI “C” to be sent back to let it know that it had connected. I however did not get that message. As seen in terminal through telnet:picture-1.png


As yet, i do not know the reasons why….


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