Networked PONG


Working with the Lantronix X-Port and mini Arduino micro-controller, we had to create our own “pong paddle” that would be networked to a server via Ethernet for a pong tornament. The code, as described here (text file), sends out an IP address to connect to the server, where your paddle shows up on the screen as your IP#. The parameters were to send the server an ASCII character byte “l” for moving left, a “r” for moving right, and an “x” to log in and out. Using any sensors and interface you wcould come up with, everything from the kitchen mixer, to a bra as well as hats and eye glasses were utilized to moved a paddle back and forth to hit a ball. Link to the more pics from the maddness from class and another.

The Server was run on Processing and did encouter a bit of lag if too many people logged in at once. I had a few left over cast body parts in my studio and eventually came to using a pair of hands as the interface that the user would hold onto and shake to move the paddle. The hands are connected to dowels that run into an mdf enclosure, where a simple cam system was used to trigger, close two roller limit switches, and a toggle switch underneath to send out the x’s.



The three switches run to the Arduino where a set of LEDs provide feed back every-time a switch is hit or to let the user know that they have logged on or off or weather the system is running.


A view of the cam system, a larger diameter dowls drilled off center and glued over the main.



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