Sensor and Time


This assignment was to visualize and or sonify a sensor’s reaction over time as an output through a built microcontroller system. This piece of code, written in Processing, receives the two analog output bytes from the arduino and creates a simple visual and auditory feedback as the values change based on the light levels on two photo-resistors. The values received are scaled from a maximum 4 byte value, 1023, to a one byte value and then placed as the frequency of a sine wave as well as the size of an an ellipse and its alpha value for its color. The scaled values are also displayed above each ellipse for the user to know exactly what is happening in real time.ss4.jpg

As you can see, photoresistor one is wide open, while the second is about three quarter covered, thus, my hand is almost covering the sensor. Click here to listen to a sample of sound produced from the program.


A simple set up with two photo-resistors creating a voltage divide with another resistor to allow the maximum range possible and read into the analog-in pins on the arduino.


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