Networked Objects: Improv


Project 1: Physical Computing Improv. This was the first assignment for Tom’s Net Obj class in which we had to pick a word from each of three lists, actions, things and responses. The project had to incorporate each of these attributes as well as have to respond to a persons actions, be repeatable and clear, while not exceeding 40cm in any direction. Working from “pushing”, “cup”, and “speech”, i came up with a pair of listening cups, or the cups are just a container from which to listen from when pushed up against your head.


Each cup contains a photocell with a set threshold in the analog in port on the Arduino stamp.  When the set value of the cell is read in the chip, a 5volt signal is send to a reed relay which switches the audio on and off to a speaker located at the straw hole on the lid.


Powered by a 9volt battery and an ipod, two people share the cups and take turns listening to my musings.  There is also an indicator LED in each cup and an on/off switch – for that added interactivity.


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