VASC – icm final update


here is a random screen shot of my ICM final: small quick-time operated by video tracking a person or part there of moving in space.
the wave form shown on the screen corespond to the sounds produced based on the location in the field, thus lower sounds produce waveform near the bottom of the screen, and so on. if the person/movie land in the middle – a mp3 is triggered, and its corresponding wave form.

Changes to come: another dimension that i am working on a having the movie operate in 3D, thus the viewer can rotate and translate the movie on the X, Y and Z axis, either with an accelerometer attached to them via Arduino, hand or head, or with in the video tracking code, either through color or brightness. I am getting really psyched about see this in full scale and being able to control video and music though movement.
Possible problems: video tracking color on a dark background field and computer processing speed.


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