PComp Final: proto development


After much testing and frustration, from hacking a Polar sport wireless heart rate monitor to a Tanita health monitor, i’ve come back to DIY . Hacking can be more pain than its worth. So I’ve strung together an IR emitter/detector with two resistors with a little help from my friends at http://www.picotech.com/experiments/calculating_heart_rate/index.html.
these are attached to a strip of Velcro to go around the users index finger. This measure the IR light being reflected off of the finger, thus changing values based on the presence/opacity of blood rushing though.


The signal is received into an Arduino mini, worn on the arm-maybe(minus usb doc), and sent via RF to another another Arduino micro-controller. This receives the signal, and codes it to depict the heart rate. At present, the code for testing purposes is multiplying the signal by 3 and setting it as the delay between two sign wave oscillators at opposing frequencies. The sound is sent out the PWM#9 pin to an a powered Op-amp to boost the signal and from there out via 1/8″ mini.final_side.jpg

top view with RF receiver soldered into a perforated board mounted on-top of the Arduino.


Bottom view of the amp with leads coming from the Arduino.
also on the side is the 1/8″mini plug and power plug.


Side view of the sandwich, hold mayo.

These are to be placed in casings .

Another approach that i’ve been working on is having the signal go form the amp to a computer and trigger a Max patch to provide a interesting sound output. The working title for now is: HeartPeggio.
More to come:


One Response to “PComp Final: proto development”

  1. 1 Simon

    This is quite cool. I’m very glad I ran across your site!

    This is very similar to something I want to do related to stress. Do you have a schematic or a better photograph (perhaps with details) of the circuit from the point of sense (on the finger) to the arduino (code?) where it translates the signal to heart rate? Thanks!

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