ICM final project proposal


VASC – video and audio spatial control

Goal: To create a video-tracking tool for real-time video and audio manipulation.

I would like to continue exploring the realm of external computer control using plugged in sensors via a micro-controller and video cams. Taking off from my mid-term and homework projects since, I would like to use motion and proximity sensors as well as video tracking to follow a person in a defined space. This person would have to wear a distinct color to allow the program to distinguish between them and their surroundings. My goal is to have a small QuickTime follow a person as they move and have the person’s location within the field of the camera dictate the sound produced and video displayed.

I plan to use an isight camera mounted to the ceiling so as to have a wide view of the floor below as the video input. I plan to integrate this with a motion and or proximity sensor to control aspects such as non-movement and vertical motion, such as standing or kneeling. My goal is for the user, person within the space, to have full control of all of the variables. This space may be defined with tape on the floor. I would display this as more of a theatrical event for the final and then as a possible secondary iteration plan to integrate it into a sculpture.

I would like the sound to be interesting than what I’ve been able to do thus far with Ess, which mean either exploring Ess further, using another library or going back to Mp3’s. Though, the sounds that I’ve worked with have not been satisfactory when generating more than one at a time. The same can be said for the video components.
90% of the code will be written in Processing while the other 10 will be in the Arduino linking the senor data to processing.
The tricky part now is to work with processing to input the isight data, process the pixels and output a QuickTime to follow a color.

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