Proposal for final


I am creating an auditory feedback device for heart rate monitoring.
Using a heart rate sensor as an input into a microprocessor (might need an op-amp to boost signal), the values will be translated into two slightly offset sine wave frequencies as well as two pulsing (PWM’d) LED’s. The higher the values, thus faster rate, will result in the frequencies being further apart, therefore more dissonant and phasing. Henceforth, the slower rate will result in the frequencies being less fluctuating and eventually moving towards unison – the ultimate calm. Whereas most heart rate monitors reward the user with positive feedback, i.e. higher numbers displayed on a LCD, our design gives the viewer a more immediate and tangible result, without the use of arbitrary numbers. This could be useful in biofeedback in meditation. This will hopefully result in a small enough device to be worn with a headphone jack.

any other suggestions will be helpful.

here are some links that we are considering for parts:

an older itp project that is related:


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