Automatic Wetfood Cat Feeder Proto 1.0


The Feeder has taken Shape. A little bigger and bulkier than initially envisioned, but aren’t most first protos. Most importantly – it works.

and no, it is not a Hungry Hippo robot!


So, what does it do you ask, well:

1. For first feeding, turn toggle switch to on position. Wait for yellow PWR LED to come on. Put a small amount of food in bowl by pressing lid open button – while cat is feeding and on mat, press the set button. This registers the cat’s weight so that only that cat (or any object at that weight), while on the mat, can trigger the system to open the lid. The green LED will Flash to indicate that the weight has been set.

2. Set time to local time, and set alarm function to time window with in which you would like your cat fed. Turn alarm on. Numbers on LCD will stop flashing once alarm is set. At time set, there will be a one hour window with in which your cat and come and feed.

3. Press the open/close momentary button to open lid, fill the bowl with food, place it back into ring and press the same button to close. At the feeding time set, the green LED will turn on to let you know that the 1 hour feeding window is open. If on that bright sunny day, the cat sits on the mat, and its the cat with the same weight as initially set to memory, then the lid will open and the cat can eat.

4. If, during that time, the cat leaves the mat, the system will wait 15 seconds and then slowly close the lid. If another cat happens to sit on the mat, and is of greater or lesser weight, the lid will not open. If the first cat come back with in that window, the lid will open and it can happily finish its meal, but if another cat approaches to steal the first cats food, the mat will read a greater weight and slowly close the lid. So the lesson of the story is, one cat per mat makes a happy cat. moving on…

5. When the bowl is empty, the bowl, siting inside of metal ring and rocker arm, will trigger a limit switch via a counter weight, that will, both slowly close the lid and turn a red LED on to let you know that it is empty.

6. You, after arriving home late from work or play, see the red “empty” light is illuminated, walk up to the Automatic WetFood CatFeeder, open the lid and take out the bowl to clean. You may now drink a glass or two of water and crawl to bed guilt free, knowing that your beloved fur balls are fed and happy.

7. Repeat steps 2 – 7 daily.

– now for more testing and further debugging. Here kitty, kitty….


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