Mid-term feeder proto


We have a basic mechanism for the automatic wet-food cat feeder, from here on out known as AWCF(aus-iff (it works)), working. We needed a time mechanism, be it code or an actual clock to set the feeding time regardless of location or power interruptions, so we hacked a cheap alarm clock, which has worked surprisingly well. So what we have is: when the alarm goes off, the signal that would have powered the piezo, is read by the arduino. It’s looking for a set threshold, which opens the digital in, (sensor for presence of cat, be it fsr or other) and triggers the servo(opening lid to food bowl) until switched off (lack of cat). Now for the real work: to fine tune this thing, get a complete interface working as well as a physical prototype built and then mucho testing. If i don’t make to class in two weeks, its b/c my neighbors have called animal control – look for pix of cats with their heads trapped in AWCF’s posted in the Daily News as you ride in on the L or Q. A few can suffer to better the many…. right?

JK, we wouldn’t do that ….. .. . for a grade.



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